Ballarat National Theatre

marriage go round mainby Leslie Stevens

Directed by Marj Ford

Performed 21 to 29 November 1975

About the Play

The audience tonight is invited to attend a lecture – or more precisely, two lectures! Professor Paul Delville will be addressing the gentlemen present on the general sphere of Cultural Anthropology, and in particular on the subject of “Monogamy”; his wife, Content Delville, Dean of Women, will speak to the ladies on that most precious state of bliss, “Marriage”!  We hope you will forgive both these distinguished lecturers if they digress occasionally from their notes, to give illustrations from life…..(WowEEE!!!)

Director (Producer) Marj Ford

Marj Ford has had an extraordinary record with National Theatre coming into the production ranks only recently but taking the scene by storm! EACH of her previous productions has produced Award-winners in the acting ranks – Peter Bromley in Dry Rot, Joy Lindsay in Pool’s Paradise, Peter Nethercote in Happy Days, and Val Sarah in both Not Now Darling and Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary? Her comedies are always eagerly anticipated by theatregoers.

Marj’s own performances have been outstanding; the most recent as Emma Hornet in Sailor Beware was a gem. She began her media career as a member of the Concert Party at No.1 Operational Training Unit in Mildura whilst serving with the W.A.A.A.F. and was a hit even then! Since those early days, she has had a marvellously varied life with radio plays for 3BA, character roles with the musical companies in Oklahoma, Brigadoon, The Beggars Opera, The Pyjama Game and Bye Bye Birdie, to name just a handful of them. She pursued her love of music hall to the production of a little item which won the Old Music Hall Section at last year’s South Street Competitions and has participated in revues and an impressive list of roles for our own National Theatre.

Working with Marj, either in her capacity as actress or the more comprehensive role as producer, is a joyous event. At her best with actors whose ability she knows, she imbues the entire undertaking with her own brand of “what the hell” type humour!



Paul Delville (Professor of Cultural Anthropology) Geoff Nott
Content Delville (Dean of Women) Lois Walter
Katrin Sveg Val. Sarah
Ross Barnett (Head of the Department of Indo-European Languages) John Williams


Director (Producer) Marj Ford
Stage Manager Carmel Allen
Backstage Crew Russ. Carey, Maria Ryan, Doug Sarah, Jane Walter
Prompt, Curtain Elise Brown, Pat. Earnshaw
Set Design Lois Walter
  Assisted by The Company
Set Construction Russell Carey, Peter Nethercote, Roy Walker, Graeme Walter, Lois Walter
Sound Albert Dulfer, Ted Jorna
Lighting Geoff. Paddle, Frank Russell
Hairstyling and Make-up Judi Fox
Press Publicity Joy Smith
Photography Basil Dawson
Programme Design and Information Val Sarah
Box Office Rev. J. Smith
Front of House Joy Smith and helpers
Stall Marj Drew and helpers


From BNT newsletter October 1975

The Marriage Go Round has been procured and four enthusiastic members, under the direction of our intrepid Marj Ford will bring you this, just thirteen days after The Crucible closes. There are only four parts and no sets required so this makes this possible.  Val Sarah, Lois Walters, Geoff Nott and John Williams will be bringing you this delectable affair.  A little risqué here and there but lots of comedy.  Remember Googie Withers brought it to Melbourne some time ago and it was a great success at the time.

Production Program

Marriage Go Round 01