Ballarat National Theatre


Rumors title2



Chris Gorman Peppa Sindar
Ken Gorman Andrew Seeary
Claire Ganz Marilyn Chestnut
Lenny Ganz Fred Fargher
Ernie Cusack Matt Noble
Cookie Cusack Pamela Maiden
Glenn Cooper Julian Oldfield
Cassie Cooper Bev Harris
Welch Tony McGuinness
Pudney Sarah Kernighan


Set Construction Frank Lilley ably assisted by
David Bradley, Fred Fargher, Aaron Glenane,
Wendy Hall, Sarah Kernighan, Eddie Lawson
Tony McGuinness, Matt Noble, Josh Noble,
Megan Pinkerton, Ken Prato, Val Sarah,
Andrew Seeary, Margaret Solomon, Peter Zala.
Foyer Yvonne Downing and BNT Members
Photography Helen Irving
Graphic Design Peter Freund


Production Credits

Directed by Julian Oldfield
Stage Manager Tony McGuinness
Crew David Bradley, Yvonne Bonell
Sarah Kernighan, Josh Noble.
Lighting Frank Hanrahan with
Kieran & Leon Hanrahan & Megan Pinkerton
Sound Set-Up Michael Zala


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Review - Rumours
Reviewer - John Poliness

Neil Simon, a Pulitzer Prize winner, is one of the funniest and most influential of modern playwrights. In recent times Ballarat National Theatre has given us two of his plays, The Odd Couple, and The Sunshine Boys. 'National's current production, Rumors, is another of his successes.

The action occurs in a New York apartment cleverly devised by Frank Lilley's set. Here, as guests arrive at the home of the deputy mayor and his wife, gunfire is heard.

All are concerned for their reputations, and their attempts to avoid scandal lead to hilarious events. The talented cast makes the most of the confusion and chaos, the dialogue is rapid and witty, and the American accents generally well sustained. Marilyn Chestnut, Fred Fargher and Andrew Seeary are outstanding and are ably supported at the Courthouse by Peppa Sindar, Pam Maiden, Julian Oldfield and Tony McGuiness.

This is one of the most experienced comedy casts we have seen at the Courthouse for several years, and newcomers Bev Harris and Sarah Kernighan are valuable additions to this team.