Ballarat National Theatre

Directed by Alan Wakeling


Professor Higgins

Les Hood

Eliza Dolittle

Dottie Higgins

Colonel Pickering

Laurie Borrows

Mr Doolittle

Don Fraser

From BNT newsletter June 1966

Pygmalion is progressing well. Stage sets have begun, and costumes are well under way.  We have heard that much interest is being shown by the secondary schools for advance bookings for this production.  It is a set play for the Leaving Examination.  It will also be

the theatres entry for South Street – 3 Act section.

From BNT newsletter September 1966

Our sincere congratulations to Alan Wakeling on this most successful major production.  Full house every night.  Performances by members of the cast of an equally high standard night after night.  Now, we wish this group the very best of luck for their performance on the 16th (i.e. Friday night) at South Street.