Ballarat National Theatre

sylivia title


Performance Dates

July 7th to 14th 2012


Yvonne Sarah Page
Joyce Scarlett Demasson
Vic Michael Zala
Sylvia Sarah Falkinder
Stanley Hedley Thomson
Myrtle Emma Rix
Gordon Liam Drennan


Directed & Designed Peter Nethercote
Stage Manager Beth Foyster
A.S.M. Savannah Clark
Sound Set-up Michael Zala

Julian Oldfield, Liam Drennan, Savannah Clark, Reid Harrison, Jordan Ryan

Switchboard Lincoln Hunt
Bridesmaid’s Dress Kate Sullivan
Additional Scenery David Dusting
Foyer Yvonne Downing & BNT Members
Photography Gary Hunt
Graphic Design Wayne Hines


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Following the success of ‘The Mousetrap’ Peter Nethercote has once again assembled a great cast of characters for Ballarat National Theatre’s production of ‘Sylvia’s Wedding’ a ‘Slice of Life’ comedy by Jimmie Chinn.

The scenes take place in the home of Sylvia’s parents.

After eight years of courting, Gordon (Liam Drennan) proposes to Sylvia, (Sarah Falkinder) throwing both families into utter turmoil. Sylvia’s parents, who are what you would call a lower class of family, rather crass, with a father (Michael Zala) who would rather be watching the football on TV in his favourite armchair, and a dotty mother (Scarlett DeMasson) are not the sort of people that Gordon’s bombastic father (Hedley Thomson) and a controlling mother (Emma Rix) who are middle to upper class, do not want their son connected with Sylvia or her family.

Of course the feeling is mutual. In addition, Sylvia’s best friend Yvonne (Sarah Page) is all too ready to deflate Sylvia with her cynical, world-weary comments. Against all odds, the two families co-operate in the wedding preparations, and all looks set for success……but…

Although the cast were very good, Sarah Page was outstanding as Yvonne. Great to see some new faces. Set design by Peter Nethercote is wonderful as usual and works brilliantly for this must-see production.

Congratulations to all concerned. Break a Leg, have a wonderful season.