Ballarat National Theatre

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Performance Dates


Cast & Production


Mrs Piper Pam Maiden
Richard Marshall Ron Hedgcock
Detective Constable Goddard Tony Thorne
Detective Superintendent Baxter Paul Rose
Claire Marshall Marie Lyon
Marian Selby Barbara Olsen
Robert Westerby Greg Thorne
Vicki Reynolds Meaghan Keath

Pre Production

Stage Manager Pat Earnshaw
Designer Julian Oldfield
Lighting Frank and Leon Hanrahan
Sound Operator Lisa Hill
Sound Recording Michael Zala
Publicity John Watson
Program Laura Fazzalari
Front of House Yvonne Downing and Team
Set Building and various assistance Frank Lilley, Julian Oldfield, Jennifer Barnett, Helen Catchpole, Lesley Hale, Wendy Hall, Pat Earnshaw, Ann Savage, Barry Breen, John Stuchbery, Gary Hall, Lisa Hill, Andrew Seeary, Peter Zala, Barabara Olsen and John Poliness.