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SOCIAL TALES (One Act Plays)


Performance Dates


George - Cast & Director

George Linda Ogier
David Michael Zala
Judy Janette Baxter
Directed by Hadley Thomson
Written By C.G. Bond

A Social Event - Cast & Director

Randy Brooks Lee Taylor
Carole Mason Sarah Falkinder
Muriel Jane Gaylor
Directed by Hadley Thomson
Written By William Inge

Say Something Happened - Cast & Director

Mam Christine Holmes
Dad Paul Rose
June Potter Katrina Hill
Directed by Julian Oldfield
Written By Alan Bennett

Chat Room - Cast & Director

Laura Kayla Elizabeth Stone
Jim Jack Richardson
Eva Zoe James
Jack Harrison Baker
Emily Mika Wallace
William Fergus McLaren
Directed by Mary-Rose McLaren
Written By Alexandra Meerbach


Stage Manager Sally Read - Alexandra Meerbach (Chat Room)
Switchboard Beth Foyster
Lighting Zac Jones, Daikota Gerrett and Sam Sonter
Sound Michael Zala
Production Manager Julian Oldfield
Photography Gary Hunt
Frount of House Yvonne Downing and BNT members


Social Tales Program 13
Social Tales Program 14
Social Tales Program 15
Social Tales Program 16
Social Tales Program 17


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