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Fundraising with us

Here's how it works

BNT presents several productions a year at venues around Ballarat. Each production plays over a two-week period and offers up to two private performances for fundraising purposes. The venues seat up to 120 people. Check with us to find out the capacity of a specific venue.

You would:

  1. Purchase the performance for a flat fee of $450 (which covers rights and royalties, rental, production costs etc)
  2. Set its own ticket prices
  3. Advertise, produce and sell tickets in whatever manner they choose

By packaging the ticket price with some additional add-ons it is possible to exceed the flat fee cost of $450 in no time and by a considerable amount (ie, the sale of just 18 tickets at $25 would cover the BNT fee).

Examples of add-ons to the show:

  • Pre-show drinks (supplied by you)
  • Post-show drinks and meet the cast
  • Raffles
  • Panel discussions after the show

Please feel free to discuss a tailor-made evening at the theatre with Robyn on email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On occasion, two organisations have chosen to share a performance on a 50/50 basis feeling that they can more easily sell tickets in partnership.